How TJ Nutrition® Began

It All Started With A Mom Searching For Answers

TJ Nutrition® is the result of personal suffering by a mom and her children who were struck down by a condition few understood, and for which no one had answers.

The mom is an optometrist, Dr. Diana Driscoll – known to fellow sufferers as “Dr. Diana”, you may know her from her popular website –

Dr. Diana Driscoll and her husband Dr. Richard Driscoll had been practicing together for years and were blessed with two children. While on a mission trip in 2004, Dr. Diana contracted a virus which left her disabled. Initially, she developed POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome), gastroparesis, headaches, and a constellation of other symptoms. She was unresponsive to traditional treatment.

In the Summer of 2005, Dr. Diana was unable to continue seeing patients. Over the coming years, Dr. Diana sought help consulting physicians all over the country including numerous trips to Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins. After seeking advice from experts throughout the United States the Driscolls were told there was no cure, and the best-known treatment for POTS was essentially salt tablets and Gatorade.

The Driscoll’s then eight-year-old son began to develop similar symptoms eventually becoming too ill to attend school. Throughout all of this, doctors remained stumped and told them they had an “invisible illnesses”, for which there was no treatment.

Personal Research Becomes the Key

Growing frustrated with the ongoing lack of improvement, Dr. Diana turned to personal research. Unable to work as an optometrist, her new full-time occupation became researching the cause of her illness in hopes of finding a better treatment.

The Driscolls set up a corporation to conduct studies on these “invisible illnesses”. Their corporation, Genetic Disease Investigators, LLC, was initially funded with disability income and much of the research was conducted from her bed.

Developing Parasym Plus™ and a U.S. Patent Award

In 2012 the cause and a potential treatment started to come together. Through her extensive research, Dr. Diana determined the root cause of the problem was a poorly functioning vagus nerve. If she could find a way to give the vagus nerve the support it needed it would help improve her symptoms.

Persistence and determination over a decade resulted in answers — not only for the Driscoll family but for many others as well. Guided by her own research, Dr. Diana found there were supplements that could, in fact, help make a poorly functioning vagus nerve work better. Using herself as her own test subject, Dr. Diana started to test combinations of supplements and eventually developed the optimal formula. In 2015, Dr. Driscoll was ultimately awarded a U.S. Patent for Parasym Plus™, the compound necessary for their recovery.

Dr. Driscoll and her children recovered and are thriving. Dr. Driscoll now works full-time to help others with similar health challenges.

Dr. Diana Driscoll and Dr. Rich Driscoll Start TJ Nutrition®

Through Dr. Diana’s continued research, she found the vagus nerve was responsible for a myriad of functions such as inflammation control, gastroparesis, brain fog, chronic inflammation, immune function, and calming anxiousness. By supporting these vagus nerve functions the Driscoll’s thought Parasym Plus™ could not only help POTS patients but also people with symptoms of a poorly functioning vagus nerve. Knowing that Parasym Plus™ could help so many people the Driscoll’s started TJ Nutrition® naming the company after their children, Taylor and James.

With the help of Parasym Plus™ Dr. Diana no longer suffers from POTS, nor do either of her children. Dr. Diana now sees patients with POTS from all over the world at POTS Care.

TJ Nutrition® – strong science, with the touch of a mother’s love.