How TJ Nutrition® Began

It All Started With A Mom Searching For Answers

TJ Nutrition® is the result of personal suffering by a mom and her children who were struck down by a condition few understood, and for which no one had answers.

The mom is an optometrist, Diana Driscoll – known to fellow sufferers as “Dr. Diana”; you may know her from her popular website – Prettyill.com or her groundbreaking book “The Driscoll Theory®”.

Dr. Diana Driscoll, an optometrist, was healthy until contracting a virus while on a mission trip in 2004. She developed POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome), gastroparesis, headaches, extreme fatigue, and a constellation of other symptoms and was forced to go on disability. She was unresponsive to traditional treatment and worsened every year.  

In the Summer of 2005, Dr. Driscoll was unable to continue seeing patients and was left disabled and often bedridden. Over the coming years, she sought help from over 50 physicians across the United States, including the top doctors in autonomic dysfunction. After seeking advice and participating in clinical trials for this condition, she was eventually told no one knew the underlying cause of this condition, and worse — there was no cure. 

Dr. Diana Driscoll’s children then began to develop similar symptoms and were also diagnosed with POTS. Throughout all of this, doctors remained stumped and told them they had an “invisible illness”, for which there was no treatment.

Personal Research Becomes the Key

Growing frustrated with the ongoing lack of improvement, and convinced there were medical causes for the illness, Diana Driscoll turned to research. 

Dr. Driscoll set up a corporation to conduct studies on these “invisible illnesses”. The corporation, Genetic Disease Investigators, LLC, was initially funded with her disability income and much of the research was conducted from her bed.

The First U.S. Patent Award

Because the vagus nerve is responsible for much of the autonomic function in the body, including digestion and heart rate, it was suspected to be part of the problem. In 2012, the research into the involvement of the vagus nerve in these illnesses and others was becoming clearer. 

Persistence and determination over a decade resulted in answers — not only for the Driscoll family but for many others as well.  In 2015, Dr. Driscoll was awarded U.S. Patent No. 9,271,953 for treatment of autonomic dysfunction or vascular disease. This patent addressed one aspect of the condition that had eluded others — the role of the vagus nerve and acetylcholine — a critical neurotransmitter — in many of these invisible illnesses.

In May of 2019, Dr. Driscoll was awarded her second patent, US Patent No. 10,238,673 B2, addressing dry eyes, and a third patent in October of 2020, Patent CA 2,940,871, addressing the correction of organ dysfunction. 

Research continues today.

TJ Nutrition® Begins

After much research and numerous clinical trials, Dr. Driscoll set up TJ Nutrition® to release unique supplements based on the results of the decade of research.  She began with Parasym Plus™ because supporting the vagus nerve is responsible for all aspects of digestion, normal bowel movements, organ function (gallbladder, stomach acid production, pancreatic enzymes), and allowing a relaxed state.  

Dr. Driscoll and her children have recovered and are thriving. After experiencing the heartache of watching her children suffer with no answers and yet witnessing their recovery, she has dedicated her life to helping others with living their best lives.  

Dr. Diana Driscoll, optometrist, together with her medical team, now sees patients with POTS from all over the world at POTS Care®.

TJ Nutrition® – strong science, with the touch of a mother’s love.

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