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60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Over three years of rigorous research and testing resulted in a patent award for Parasym Plus™ – the only compound that safely and effectively supports your vagus nerve. Only by combining ingredients in a very specific combination could proper vagus nerve function occur. After extensive testing, Parasym Plus™ was found to support all aspects of digestion, cognition (thinking), inflammation control, and calming the body.

Feel 100% Satisfied within 60 days or get a 100% refund. There is no hassle. You do not have to return anything to us. If you do not love Vagus Nerve Support for any reason, simply get in touch via email and let us know you’d like a refund. That’s it.

60 Day Money Back Return Policy applies as a full refund within 60 days for all first time purchasers of an initial order or product, or final order of a subscription. It does not apply to an individuals additional product orders placed after an initial order. Limit one (1) guarantee per product, per household.

60 day money back guarantee

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