Vagus Nerve Support Family Photo (left to right)


Your Vagus Nerve

  • Healthy Digestion
  • Autonomic Balance
  • Calm
  • Cognition
  • Normal Tear Production

Safely and Gently Support Your Vagus Nerve

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Patented Vagus Nerve Support

Digestive Enzymes Bottle

Vagus Nerve support™

Digestive Enzymes

Specially formulated for sensitive digestive tracts. Proper vagus nerve function is a critical component of the production and release of pancreatic enzymes.  LEARN MORE

Vagus Nerve Support

Parasym Plus™

PATENTED Parasym Plus™ supports the parasympathetic nervous system – the calming system of the body that allows normal digestion and bowel movements. By maintaining acetylcholine, Parasym Plus™ also supports brain function, tear production, and short term memory.  LEARN MORE

Vagus Nerve Support

Soothing Digestive Aid

Provides support for proper pH and motility of the digestive tract, normally under control of the vagus nerve. Vagus Nerve Support Soothing Digestive Aid is specifically formulated to be gentle on sensitive digestive tracts.  LEARN MORE

Not Feeling Yourself? Maybe it’s Your Vagus Nerve.

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Founder and Inventor, Dr. Diana Driscoll, Optometrist, discusses the importance of the vagus nerve with Scott, the Better Health Guy.

What Does Your Vagus Nerve Do?

Your vagus nerve supports every aspect of digestion,
controls inflammation, and calms anxiousness.


  • AIDS DIGESTION: Your vagus nerve supports every aspect of digestion – from movement of food and stool to proper stomach acid production and gallbladder function.
  • CALMS ANXIOUSNESS: Your vagus nerve allows you to rest –to slow a fast heart rate, normalize rapid breathing, and to calm anxiousness.
  • CONTROLS INFLAMMATION: Your vagus nerve controls inflammation throughout your body. Inflammation ages us prematurely, and can make us feel poorly.

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Vagus Nerve Support Family Photo (left to right)

How to Take All 3 Products — Dr. Diana Driscoll, Optometrist, Explains

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