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There are several exclusive benefits for physicians, healthcare practitioners, and health and wellness business owners for joining the TJ Nutrition® Wholesale Program. Due to our exclusive pricing, our wholesale partnership allows our partners the opportunity to share the power of TJ Nutrition® products while generating additional profits.

TJ Nutrition® offers unique supplement blends that address your most difficult patients. By staying in the science, we can address what others have missed.

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  • Exclusive practitioner pricing

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Christine Schaffner

The Spectrum of Health

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Ben Greenfield

Ben Greenfield Fitness

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Healing Together

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Heal Circle

Scott Forsgren

Better Health Guy

Ryan Hallford

Craniosacral Podcast

Dr. Derek Lang

Lang Family Medicine

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Wellness Warriors

Dr. Mike Okouchi

Doctor of Chiropractic & Entrepreneur


Jason Moore

Founder of  Elite HRV

Laurie Hammer


The Chief Life

Matty & Stacey Turner

Melissa Gearing

The Naked Naturopath

Dr. Jannine Krause

The Health Fix

Mackay Rippey

Lyme Ninja Radio

Dorian Holmes ND

Naturopathic Doctor

Melissa Davis, Ph.D.


Dr. Patricia Murray

Discovery Health

Functional Medicine Center

Sherry Belcher MS,CN

Nutritionist / Author / Lecturer

Dr. Donald Levine

ENT Medicine and Surgery

Samia Khoury

Herbalist / Health Coach / Wellness Educator

Kate McCandless


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Beth O'Hara

Naturopathy / Emotional Wellness

Stacey Turner


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David Germeau


Michelle Curtis


Jarod Gunning


Hollie Donelson


Victoria Faling


Cara Zaller


Nutrition Specialist

Jason Boyd

Functional Practitioner

What people are saying…

Physician Review

“Our office has been using Parasym Plus for less than a year. We are seeing benefits in patients with various digestive symptoms, most notably constipation issues, which are so much more common than people realize. Different patients are improving in different ways with their digestion, but especially how well they handle the food they’re eating. They would commonly be tired and have foggy thinking after meals, but with the Parasym Plus, they experience decreased fatigue and brain fog in general. Some of them also report being less anxious, which isn’t even the primary reason we began using it! It is wonderful to have a supplement like this to offer to our patients. It works like nothing else on the market!”

-Dr. Lang, D.O., FAAFP

Verified Amazon Customer

“I started taking digestive enzymes and in less than 24 hours, indigestion has really subsided. A few days in and I would venture to say the indigestion is about 90% gone. I plan to continue using this product for a long time to come. Thank you!”


Verified Amazon Customer

“I took one of soothing digestive aid and within half an hour I felt relief, no more rumbling and bloating feeling.”

-Aunt Bea

Verified Amazon Customer

“I couldn’t believe how much better my daughter is! She is on the spectrum, and has had difficulty just doing life! Just one week after starting NAC MAX, she was able to look me right in the eye and she felt like she was fitting in better at school. It has been two months now, and she is dating and doing things with her friends. I can’t tell you what it means to me to see her come back to us. Thank you!”

-Abigail S.

Verified Amazon Customer

“Thera pH is what my doctor recommended for me when I began taking Diamox for IIH! She told me to minimize my salt intake, enjoy lemon juice whenever possible, and take Thera pH with every dose of Diamox to help prevent kidney stones. So far, so good!”

Verified Amazon Customer

“The benefit I have received from taking Parasym Plus has been life-changing. I can clean my house, bend down and pick things up off the floor, I can talk without stopping to breath like I just ran a mile, and I can sing again!”