Vagus Nerve Support™
Digestive Enzymes

  • Formulated For Sensitive Digestive Tracts
  • Vegetarian Pancreatic Support
  • Time-Released
  • Everything you need, nothing you don’t

Vagus Nerve Support™ Digestive Enzymes

Vagus Nerve Support Digestive Enzymes support vagus nerve function by helping maintain the optimal level of digestive enzymes, a process normally under control of the vagus nerve. This provides a powerful combination of complementary enzymes for optimal digestive support.

Formulated for Sensitive Digestive Tracts

Protease, while critical for the proper digestion of protein, can be irritating to the stomach lining. Vagus Nerve Support™ Digestive Enzymes contain just the right amount of protease to assist in digestion, yet to be gentle on the stomach lining.

Timed Release

Stomach acid can destroy digestive enzymes. The timed release of enzymes is critical to avoid their destruction in the stomach and allow the release of enzymes in the intestinal tract – where they are needed.

Vegetarian Pancreatic Support

Digestive Enzymes for Optimal Vagus Nerve Support is a vegetarian (plant-based) blend of carefully chosen digestive enzymes.


Digestive Enzymes for Vagus Nerve Support contains only the ingredients that your body needs to effectively digest food and to maintain proper gut flora.

Protease 4.5

Protease is needed to digest PROTEIN. This form works best at the pH level found in the intestines.

small graphic of heart next to description of digestive enzymes ingredient protease 4.5

Protease 3.0

Protease 3.0 also digests PROTEIN, but this form can easily survive the high acid levels of the stomach.

small graphic next to description of digestive enzymes ingredient protease 3.0


Lipase digests FATS. This form of lipase is a gentle, yet effective vegetarian (plant) form.

small graphic of heart next to digestive enzyme ingredient lipase
small graphic next to digestive enzymes ingredient amylase


Amylase is needed to help digest CARBOHYDRATES.

small graphic of pills next to digestive enzyme ingredient alpha galactosidase

Alpha Galactosidase

This enzyme helps digest complex carbohydrates without excess gas. A few carbohydrates known to cause gas are (particularly beans, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussel sprouts, asparagus and whole grains).

Beta Glucanase

A form of soluble fiber offering a gentle environment for digestive enzymes.

small graphic of circular pills next to digestive enzyme ingredient beta glucanase

Why Vagus Nerve Support™ Digestive Enzymes are Special — Dr. Diana Driscoll explains

Everything You Need, Nothing You Don’t 

  • CELLULASE: Cellulase is a common ingredient in many other digestive enzyme blends, but we were careful to exclude this enzyme because it breaks down fiber (cellulose) – something humans require to maintain proper bowel movements. Cellulase is not an enzyme that is produced by humans – humans are not meant to break down fiber (cows and termites, however, use cellulase to digest fiber).
  • INULIN: Inulin is often found in enzymatic mixes, yet it is contraindicated when trying to avoid excess gas production. Inulin is a long chain fructan (a short chain carbohydrate), known to increase bloating.
  • BETAINE HYDROCHLORIDE or ACETIC ACID: Betaine hydrochloride and acetic acid are acids which can be helpful to increase acid in the stomach for digestion. HOWEVER, these ingredients should never be included with digestive enzymes because they break down the enzymes immediately, rendering them ineffective. Instead, acid products can be taken approximately 30 minutes after digestive enzymes.
  • PROTEASE: Protease is critical to properly digest protein; however, high levels, it can irritate the stomach lining. Vagus Nerve Support™ Digestive Enzyme has the proper amount of Protease to aid in protein digestion without irritating the stomach. 

Benefits of Digestive Enzymes for Optimal Vagus Nerve Support™

Our Digestive Enzymes are specifically formulated for sensitive digestive tracts. We have done the research and determined the best ingredient combination required for those needing vagus nerve support.

These are the only digestive enzymes designed specifically for people needing vagus nerve support.


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 Specially Formulated for Those Needing Vagus Nerve Support™ 


Be smart when choosing your digestive enzymes! We’ve done the research for you.


What our Customers are Saying About

Digestive Enzymes for Optimal Vagus Nerve Support™

Indigestion is 90% Improved After a few Days

I have been dealing with indigestion problems for quite some time. Very frustrating and I was going through Tums very fast. I started taking this product and less than 24 hours, indigestion has really subsided. A few days in and I would venture to say the indigestion is about 90% gone. I plan to continue using this product for a long time to come. Thank you!

~ Jimmy

Much Better Digestion Now

This has been a good one for me. My husband and I both take this daily now. I’ve combined this with Parasym Plus and now have regular DAILY (woohoo) bowel movements. Sounds like a small thing but those of us with GI issues can appreciate how much of a relief this is. Thanks for this!

~ Lopez

Feeling Much Better After Meals Now

If I eat too many carbs I would feel bloated for hours afterward. These digestive enzymes have helped me so much after big meals. I take them 3 times a day now and am feeling so much better.

~ Arlene M.

Tried Them All, This is the one That has Worked for Me

My vagus nerve was messed up during surgery. Ever since then I have had digestion problems. It seams like I’ve tried all of the supplements out there. I started using this one along with the Parasym Plus and what a difference. Finally food doesn’t sit there and trips to the bathroom are normal events now. Please don’t stop making this.

~ Pamela M.

Meals Were Always a Challenge

I used to dread eating because most foods seemed to give me digestion problems. Because of that, I would limit myself to the few foods that didn’t usually bother me. Thankfully with these digestive enzymes I can now eat pretty much like a normal person. Eating out with the family is now a normal event.

~ Brenda Z.

Fatty Foods are no Longer my Nemesis

I used to avoid fatty foods at all cost because eating them was always followed by a quick trip to the bathroom. I now take these digestive enzymes 3 or 4 times a day and fatty foods are no longer a problem. I’ve been using this for about 6 months now and it’s still working.

~ Ben L.

Gentle and Safe Ingredients

Vagus Nerve Support Digestive Enzymes is thoroughly tested to be both gentle and effective. It is free from gluten, corn, salt, sucrose, starch, nuts, yeast, artificial flavors or colors.

All ingredients have been tested by the FDA and have been found to be “Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS)”. In addition, our manufacturing facilities are strictly audited for compliance with Good Manufacturing Policies (GMP’s).

All ingredients are carefully processed to preserve chemical complexity, ensure purity, and maintain efficacy. We test every batch to ensure each and every bottle is pure and free from contaminants. You can be sure you are receiving the best in nutritional supplementation.

Supplement facts for Vagus Nerve Support Digestive Enzymes

Commitment to Quality

At TJ Nutrition®, We Have An Unwavering Commitment To Quality

We always go beyond the FDA’s required product testing to ensure you receive the highest quality supplement possible. Our manufacturing facilities are third party certified by industry watchdog organizations such as NSF and NPA, which means they have been strictly audited for compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s).