The Science Behind Parasym Plus™

Parasym Plus™ is Patented

The result of ten years of research, Parasym Plus™ is uniquely designed to enhance all aspects of vagus nerve support and acetylcholine production. To obtain a patent, the science behind Parasym Plus™ must be strong and unique. Patent review boards are rigorous in their analysis, and a patent award is reflective of innovative and powerful science with real results. See some of the references behind the science of Parasym Plus™.

Quality Assured

At TJ Nutrition®, we have an unwavering commitment to quality. After all, our families depend upon these products, too! We always go beyond FDA’s required testing of the products to ensure you receive the highest quality supplement possible. The manufacturing facilities are certified by third party industry watchdog organizations such as NSF and NPA, which means they have been strictly audited for compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s). All ingredients are carefully processed to preserve chemical complexity, ensure purity, and maintain efficacy. We test every batch to ensure each and every bottle is pure and free from contaminants. You can be sure you are receiving the best in nutritional supplementation.

Gentle and Safe

Thoroughly tested to be both gentle and effective, you can feel confident that products from TJ Nutrition® provide what your body needs in amounts that your body can safely handle. All ingredients have been tested by the FDA and have been found to be “Generally Regarded as Safe” (GRAS). Purity is important to us and all products are free from gluten, corn, salt, sucrose, starch, nuts, yeast, artificial colors or flavors. With TJ Nutrition®, you can be sure you are receiving the most effective, gentle, and safe ingredients possible.

Parasym Plus™ is the only supplement made to support proper vagus nerve function. It is unique — it is patented.

Nothing else does what Parasym Plus™ does.