Our Story

Our Story

TJ Nutrition® is the result of personal suffering by a mom and her children who were struck down by a condition few understood, and no one had answers for.

The mom is an optometrist, Dr. Diana Driscoll – known to fellow sufferers as “Dr. Diana” (you may know her from her popular blog – Prettyill.com.

Dr. Driscoll was completely disabled after contracting a virus on a mission trip. Initially, she developed POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome), gastroparesis, headaches, and a constellation of other symptoms. She was unresponsive to traditional treatment.

The Driscoll’s then eight-year-old son began to develop similar symptoms and eventually becoming too ill to attend school. Throughout all of this, doctors remained stumped and told them they had “invisible illnesses”, for which there were no treatments.  

Unwilling to accept this, Dr. Driscoll and her husband, Dr. Rich Driscoll, set up a corporation to conduct studies on these “invisible illnesses”. Their corporation, Genetic Disease Investigators, LLC  was initially funded with disability income and much of the research was conducted from her bed.  

The journey for answers was long, frustrating, and exhausting. Fueled by the suffering of her own children, Dr. Driscoll refused to give up.  

Persistence and determination over a decade, however, resulted in answers — not only for their family, but for many others as well. Dr. Driscoll was ultimately awarded a patent for one compound necessary for their recovery, Parasym Plus™. Dr. Driscoll and her children recovered. Their children are now thriving and Dr. Driscoll is now working full-time to help others with similar health challenges.

TJ Nutrition®, the culmination of their work and suffering, was named after their children – Taylor and James.

TJ Nutrition® – strong science, with the touch of a mother’s love.